Pc Tune-Up

Many of your relatives, acquaintances and friends,  have a computer, but it is broken and will not be used by their children to do homework or communicate with her ​​family who live in another country because NEED A TUNE-UP SERVICE to remove all VIRUS INFECTIONS.

The word TUNE-UP usually associate with a service to the Automobile. However, computers also need minimum this service ANNUALLY.

And WHY I should do to my computer?

This service takes 6 to 8 hours or a little more, depends on the speed of the computer.

* We erase all the old Plug-ins and install updated versions as: Acrobat Reader, Flash Player, Quick Time, iTunes, Java, Real Player, UnZip, etc..

* Runs and installs Updates of your Windows Operating System with the latest service pack.

* Programs that may compromise your PC from Ad-ware, Malware or Spyware are eliminated.

* We find and remove Virus, Malware, Spyware, Worms, Trojans, Back Doors, etc.

* We install our Antivirus and AntiSpyware program.

* Also install few Web browsers to be safer.

* Install a full Open Office suite for homework, office work and projects.

* We check programs on start up process when You turn on your PC to make it faster.


Best of all is that WE DO A REMOTELY without going anywhere or you come to us. WORLD SERVICE, please call us at 951-289-0399 in USA.

If you live in another country outside of USA we can help you with a special price, please contact us by chat.

Contac us for price and promotions.

NOT CHARGE for Diagnosis, just tell us that you see this AD on this BLOG.


Your friend: Armando Villasenor